OAJC presents  Dr. Randy Blazak
"When Hate Becomes Terrorism:
The Shifting Domestic Threat"


OAJC’s Luncheon Lecture Series    May 23, 2013
“When Hate Becomes Terrorism: The Shifting Domestic Threat”

Dr. Randy Blazak, Portland State University
Chair, Coalition Against Hate Crimes

The landscape of hate groups has changed dramatically in the last ten years. Traditional groups, like the Klan and Aryan Nations, have declined in size and influence. However, right-wing anti-government groups have experienced a resurgence. Fueled by gun and immigration debates and the election of a black president, patriot militias have taken the rhetoric of the Tea Party one step further, reviving the rhetoric of the “2nd American Revolution” that was common among the McVeigh-type activists in the 1990s.

Dr. Blazak is the chair of the Coalition Against Hate Crimes and has researched the hate movement since the late 1980s and teaches a class on hate crimes at PSU. Dr. Blazak regularly appears in the local and national media discussing the topic,as well as with student and community groups. The Coalition Against Hate Crimes (CAHC) was started in 1997 by the Oregon Area Jewish Committee. Its members are representatives from a wide variety of community and government organizations. The Coalition and its members support non-violent solutions to the problem of hate and hate crimes in Oregon.

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